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Helping medical teams across the board achieve their goals. 

It's more than just creating an order. DMEconnected provides the information you need to choose the right supplier for your patients. 

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Real time communications

Better communication leads to better patient experience and outcomes. 

With our real time communication chat feature, you can speak with your suppliers and facilitate your orders more quickly. Send files directly through the chat, which will eliminate the constant back and forth faxing.

Refer back to the chat to ensure nothing was missed in communication, which can lead to an order being delayed.

Ease Of Use

Reduce the time and effort you need to put into everyday tasks. Our technology has made it possible to automate mundane tasks, access information faster, and stay connected with people that can help. In addition, our platforms are built with intuitive user interfaces and simple, intuitive controls, allowing anyone to quickly learn how to use them. Easy to use technology is making all of our lives simpler and more efficient, and the possibilities are endless.

Centralized Marketplace

​Information is vital when making the decision on the continuum of care for your patients. Our Medical Marketplace will increase efficiency when ordering equipment and services.

DMEconnected has detailed   information on various medical equipment suppliers all in one place. We have partnered with DME companies, Home Health companies, and Medical Device Manufacturers to

ensure you stay informed with updated information.

e-Prescribe Orders

With a few clicks of a button, you can create orders for medical equipment, devices, and medical services to fulfill your patients' needs.

Our e-Prescribe system is FREE for all medical teams. Simply sign-up and you are ready to go.

Easy to use workflow, notifications, tracking status of orders, real time communication with suppliers,

Sales Reps, and more.

Your Insulin Pump order

was delivered 12/18/2022 at 3pm.

(3) suppliers found in your area

that accept Humana Oxygen patients.

Please remember to send us patient's sleep study.

No Training Required!.

We are now offering consultant services for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to
physicians that would like to monitor their patients in between office visits. 
Patients receive medical devices at no cost to patient or your practice.
RPM is reimbursable through Medicare & some Commercial Plans.
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Continuing a patient's care, begins with finding the right supplier.

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