DMEconnected Donation Program ( D.D.P) - Frequently Asked Questions

How does is work?

A percentage of our proceeds from will go towards our

Donation Program. Patients that cannot afford durable medical equipment due to various financial circumstances can contact us through our website.

We will then evaluate based on the severity of their circumstances and move accordingly to get medical equipment from our partners. We cannot guarantee

any equipment or availability. Please be informed that the Donation Program is

based on the first come, first service basis.

Is there a cost limit on medical equipment that are donated to patients?

While we would would like to help out with high priced items, doing so will eliminate the funds that could have helped more patients. Items such as walkers, commodes, hospital beds, cpaps, nebulizers, canes, stationary oxygen concentrators (up to 5 liters) and wheelchairs are equipment we can usually help with.

If you are selected to receive equipment. How will you receive your equipment?

Small items (under 50 lbs.) will be able to be picked up from vendors' locations or shipped. On larger items; arrangements for delivery will be made by vendors,

based on availability.

Is there any warranty on the equipment I receive?

We do not offer any warranty. Most items have a limited manufacturers' warranty. Please refer to the equipments manuals.

Can I receive more that one item?

You can get up to (2) items. As we mentioned above, we aim to help as much patients as possible.

Can I donate to the Donation Program?

Yes. All funds donated will go directly into the Donation Program for patients equipment and services.

How do I get in contact with

Please be patient, submit all inquiries through

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