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Does your medical offices even know your name?

The physician see the patient. The patient need durable medical equipment or medical services at  home. The patient has no idea what DME providers to choose. The task

is left up to the medical staff.


How does one choose what provider to use? When was your last visit? When was your last in-service? Do you have strong relationships in this office?  Does the medical offices know about your company's latest changes? 


In today’s modern medical practice. The pace of change in medical technologies, Electronic Health Records and the shift to value-based care models has left doctors and their staff with their heads barely above water.

For this reason,  practices have turned to

to streamline and modernize the way they engage with medical devices industry 

sales reps. We not only save them hundreds of hours per year, but can do the same for you.

Deliver the information your physicians and their staff need when they need it.

As new technology emerges, physicians must absorb a huge volume of new data about complex and personalized treatments for their patients.

In-services and relationship building with highly trained reps accelerate this learning, but declining access and wasted appointments are a hindrance to the process. exists to change this dynamic and facilitate more interactions to improve patient care.


Build stronger relationships helps you create even better relationships by helping you better understand your customers and giving you new opportunities to engage them.

Create your profile account, so you

can be found by your medical offices and contacted for in-services or patient care help. Become listed, so you can show up with a purpose and a contact name/meeting. Strengthen your partnerships and business. Become a member!

  • Be found in our Sales Rep Portal

  • Access staff and physician profiles

  • Receive direct contact from your medical offices

  • Understand office preferences

  • Be informed about in-services request.

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