Medical Providers/Staff Survey

 Answer the following questions for a chance to win a  $200 VISA Gift Card. 

DMEconnected provides the most useful service that helps with your everyday challenges in regards to ordering medical equipment and services for

your patients.

We are an online marketplace that help you find vendors information more easily. You can find: order forms, vendors insurance list, vendors local branch information, area sales reps information and more.

How can this platform help you when it's time to order medical equipment and services for your patients?

DMEconnected is a FREE platform for Medical Providers/Staff.  Sign up today!

Is there any other platforms you believe have the same features as ours? Please list a few.

Please give us a brief explanation on a feature you would like us to add that will help you with your everyday workload,

in regards to ordering patients' equipment/services or patient follow up.

Name (3) frustrating things about medical vendors that will deter you from using their services?

As a new platform, we understand that a joint collaboration between all parties is needed in order to help expedite the time it takes for a patient to receive their medical equipment and services. We offer our platform FREE to medical providers and in return, we ask you to refer our services to your medical vendors.  What is the best way to contact you?

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