A Practice Manager's Guide For Efficiency 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can DMEconnected help with efficiency in my medical office/hospital?


DMEconnected is a centralized platform with multiple vendors' information. 

Information that  you would usually have to search for are now  all available in our ease of use platform.

You can find vendors' order forms, list of insurances they accept, products and services they offer, vendors' coverage areas,

branch location and local sales rep's information.

Do I have to pay a subscription fee to use DMEconnected?

DMEconnected is FREE for all medical providers employees.  You will need to sign up and create an account log in to start using our portals.

If you are a medical vendor or medical sales rep, there is an annual membership fee. Please see the home page for pricing and how to sign up.

Can patients use DMEconnected?

DMEconnected is a business-to-business platform. After you sign up and create a log in, then your profile will be approved based on your credentials.

Our platform is not for patient use.

How do I get in contact with my local DMEconnected Sales Rep?

You can send inquiries to find your sales rep to: support@dmeconnected.com

Vendors  & Medical Sales Representatives:  Can I get a refund on my membership subscription?

DMEconnected charges an annual subscription fee.  Your business is a long term investment and so are the benefits of being part of our portals.

For any additional questions, you can send an email to info@dmeconnected.com or you can schedule a  FREE consultation session on our home page.

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